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Welcome to Citywide Title Corporation

With over two decades of title and closing services to our credit, our professionals maintain an unwavering commitment to delivering quality, problem-free experiences, doing our part to simplify the process for every stakeholder involved. From broker and real estate attorney to consumer and mortgage loan officer, that means taking equal account of the multiple perspectives at play. As a Chicagoland leader, Citywide Title specializes in streamlining title work, in all its intricacies, for everyone at the table. Our team of tested professionals pride themselves on delivering the same positive experience they began delivering back in 1997. In today’s competitive market, Citywide understands, a positive experience can simplify every aspect of the transaction.

Welcome to Citywide Title Corporation

Citywide employs over 90 people and has 16 closing locations. Illinois continues to be their main focus and strength. With the rollout of Citywide’s new app, C-PASS, the buying and selling process is being simplified like never before.  C-PASS allows you set exact percentage amount for tax pro-rations based on county, as well as exact transfer stamps based on municipality and sale price. C-PASS also gives you the ability to save unlimited net sheets and share them in text or email—in real time,

Welcome to Citywide Title Corporation

Since Citywide’s inception our philosophy has been, our business grows because we help your business grow. Those attorneys who share this same spirit have partnered with Citywide Title and experienced firsthand how reaching out and sincerely helping members of the real estate community ultimately comes back around to pay dividends to each of us time and time again. Greeting qualified referral partner candidates with a great first impression is the launch pad to all lasting relationships. Following up and staying connected is equally important. Citywide provides solutions for each.


Our service is unprecedented and our quality is unparalleled.


We believe that our business grows by helping your business grow.

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Meeting clients' needs without sacrificing quality or the bottom line.

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    Buying and Selling Simplified Like Never Before


    The Citywide team maintains a commitment to delivering quality, problem-free solutions, so much so that it's led us to create this specialized technology called C-PASS. Following the app’s rollout, we’ve witnessed the buying and selling process simplified like never before. Download the app and become a real estate broker who’s able to provide sellers and buyers bottom-line figures for closing—based on an actual sale price and a real closing date! What’s most amazing is how convenient it is. C-PASS allows you set exact percentage amount for tax pro-rations based on county, as well as exact transfer stamps based on municipality and sale price. C-PASS also gives you the ability to save unlimited net sheets and share them in text or email—in real time!




    Our business grows in direct proportion to your growth. At Citywide Title Corporation, we partner with attorneys throughout the Chicagoland area in order to assist members of the real estate community with the legalities of title work. Ultimately, these relationships come back around to pay dividends to each of us.

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    Rarely do brokers enjoy a linear path to the successful transfer of property title. By partnering with Citywide Title Corporation and taking advantage of our title and escrow services, real estate professionals are able to simplify their workload. Citywide helps to ease the burden and ensure you retain your commission.

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    The Citywide team is among the largest on-site closing staffs in the Chicago area. With our knowledgeable professionals and multiple locations, you’ll be able to offer your clients that added convenience of closing from home, the office, or even a restaurant, with closers who are fluent in Spanish and Lithuanian.

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    Title Moves Faster With  !

    Citywide’s Pro Active Settlement System now provides the attorney with a special team that will work with you on every transaction.

    This Agent and the  team will first help determine and assess what services need to be performed on each transaction to reach a clear to close.  gives you the freedom to:

    • Reduce the total amount of time you spend on each transaction
    • Have more of your time focused on the client and less on paperwork
    • Get to “Clear to Close” status quickly
    • Increase cash flow

    If you want to learn more about the new service that takes the hassle and headache out of the purchase transaction process and helps deliver a happier experience for your client, reach out today!

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    Attorneys using the  system are simplifying the closing process like never before. You will be working with an elite settlement services team that can bring each file to a “clear to close” status quicker than ever before. You will be freeing up your time on every transaction! You can now focus on providing outstanding client representation, ultimately resulting in happier, better-served clients!

    Citywide Title's  team helps to ensure that the many details that make up a successful real estate transaction are met in a timely manner. Please fill out this form to learn more about !



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