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We believe that our business grows by helping your business grow.

Competitive Edge

Meeting clients' needs without sacrificing quality or the bottom line.



In today’s competitive environment, it’s imperative attorneys provide high-quality service.  C-PASS is the solution. All attorneys can enjoy an exceptionally efficient support system whether they close 1 or 100 sell-side transactions a year. C-PASS provides exceptional support and professional assistance on almost every aspect of the transaction. This will result in a great deal of time, savings and ultimately a happier client!

At the closing table you will find experienced professional closers, considered by many to be the best in our market!

We invite you to learn more about how we can, together, provide the best customer service possible. 


Since Citywide’s inception our philosophy has been, our business grows because we help your business grow. Those attorneys who share this same spirit have partnered with Citywide Title and experienced firsthand how reaching out and sincerely helping members of the real estate community ultimately comes back around to pay dividends to each of us time and time again.

You may have a goal in mind with regard to how many additional sell-side transactions you would like to do this coming year, and that is a great place to start a conversation with a Citywide Title representative.

Greeting qualified referral partner candidates with a great first impression is the launch pad to all lasting relationships. Following up and staying connected is equally important. Citywide provides solutions for each.

Citywide is well-known for sponsoring and conducting a multitude of educational and special events that reach thousands of real estate brokers and investors each year. These events provide outstanding opportunities for attorneys to share their knowledge and give back to the real estate community.

These actions spark new relationships and create further opportunities with individuals and companies alike. Sparks are then fanned into flame with proper follow up and support which is delivered through our customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems (an absolute necessity to maximize results).

Our goals are achieved when newfound relationships are bridged with exceptional follow up, service, and support, all of which you’ll find in abundance here at Citywide Title. We hope you will give us a try!


Attorneys using the  system are simplifying the closing process like never before. You will be working with an elite settlement services team that can bring each file to a “clear to close” status quicker than ever before. You will be freeing up your time on every transaction! You can now focus on providing outstanding client representation, ultimately resulting in happier, better-served clients!

Citywide Title's  team helps to ensure that the many details that make up a successful real estate transaction are met in a timely manner. Please fill out this form to learn more about !