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The Citywide team maintains a commitment to delivering quality, problem-free solutions, so much so that it’s led us to create this specialized technology called C-PASS. Following the app’s rollout, we’ve witnessed the buying and selling process simplified like never before. Download the app and become a real estate broker who’s able to provide sellers and buyers bottom-line figures for closing—based on an actual sale price and a real closing date! What’s most amazing is how convenient it is. C-PASS allows you set exact percentage amount for tax pro-rations based on county, as well as exact transfer stamps based on municipality and sale price. C-PASS also gives you the ability to save unlimited net sheets and share them in text or email—in real time,

Other C-PASS Advantages Include:

Link and Sync Referral Partners Like Attorneys and Loan Officers

Elevate Closings by Using Hashtags Such as #CPassApp, #CloseMore, #GetMoreListings

Negotiate Listing Agreement on the Spot Without Any Delay in Communications

Illustrate Cost vs. Value of Improvements to Seller with Proprietary Listing Tool

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