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Eat and Drink Real Estate Podcast

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Eat and Drink Real Estate podcast’s initial launch will be April 6th, 2022, fully supported by Citywide Title Corporation a leader in the title insurance sector. It was their management team and lifelong friends and clients that helped to create the concept. Many of the Real Estate professionals are unsung heroes and needed a platform to share their stories about their own struggles and triumphs.
Our guests will include prominent Real Estate Brokers, Attorneys, Lenders, and investors who will be sharing how they helped many achieve the American dream of homeownership. Coming from one of our nation’s culinary hotspots, Chicago, we will be filming on location at our guests’ favorite restaurants in the neighborhood that they call home.
Listeners and viewers alike will be able to learn the inside scoop on each neighborhood we visit. Download valuable neighborhood information and guest resources and contact information

About Our Host

Ken Klank

Ken has been a business leader, speaker, and educator in the real estate industry for 25 plus years.

“I’m, very excited about the launch of “Eat and Drink Real Estate” podcast, with the great guests that we will have on the show and being filmed at many of our states greatest locations it should really be a fun and engaging experience for everyone!” – Ken Klank

Ken’s belief is simple: “Our business grows because we help your business grow.” Ken believes that relationships drive the success of any business, from each employee to every one of its clients.

It’s an approach that’s resulted in an overall balanced solution, ultimately helping clients work with less stress, earn more, and enjoy richer lives.

Ken is married with five grown children. Ken enjoys fishing, cooking, and attending sporting events and festivals throughout the Chicagoland area.


Eat and Drink Real Estate Podcast is supported by Citywide Title Corporation, a family-owned company serving Chicago and all of Illinois for the past 25 years. Both are committed to serving the real estate professionals, home sellers and home buyers in the communities that we live and work in. We have been hosting and sponsoring hundreds of educational, charitable and community events each year reaching and helping tens of thousands of people.

​Become A Guest

Are you a real estate professional who is passionate about real estate and the community you serve? Please send us an email to discuss further on becoming a guest on our show.

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